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Client Connections works closely with you to deliver memorable, captivating and cutting-edge marketing videos that grab the attention of your audience and convey a clear message that contributes to the growth of your business.”

Creating Product Demo Videos that ‘Show’ Instead of ‘Tell’

Informative, sleek and straight to the point: You can expect these qualities from our product demo videos. When we create this type of multimedia content, we make sure that the content is meaningful. We produce videos that engage your audience and increase your business opportunities.

We make three types of demo videos: Standard, Directed and Movie Style. During our initial meeting, our team will recommend the type of video that meets your goals and budget.


Standard Product Demo Video

A three hour shoot with an experienced camera operator will capture your product demonstration using a combination of hero product shots, …

1 x Video

  • 60 second highlight video
  • 15 second portrait hype reel for social media
  • Up to 3 hours filming
  • 1x licensed song
  • Up to 2 edit revisions
  • 4 x 90 second optimised YouTube videos

Directed Product Demo Video

Lean on a skilled director to plan and manage your half-day shoot at the selected location along with the editing of your product …

2 x Videos

  • 2 minute company profile
  • 30 second highlight video
  • 15 second portrait hype reel for social media
  • Piece to camera with company’s director
  • Up to 5 hours filming
  • 1 licensed song
  • Up to 2 edit revisions
  • 6 x 2 minutes optimised YouTube videos

Movie Style Product Demo

Have a skilled creative develop your narrative and creative treatment before they write your script, purpose built for a bespoke 60-120 …

3 x Videos

  • 3-4 minute company video
  • 60 second highlight video
  • 15 second hype reel for social media (delivered in both portrait video and landscape)
  • Piece to camera with company’s director
  • Script review and feedback prior to filming
  • Up to 8 hours filming
  • 2x licensed songs
  • Up to 3 edit revisions
  • 10 x 2 minutes optimised YouTube videos
  • 3 Professionally written Press Releases distributed to over 300 news outlets around the world highlighting your videos and services (Google loves this).

Product Demo Videos: An Overview

This type of video is an effective sales tool that highlights the value of your product, shows how it addresses a problem and persuades viewers to get it. When we create videos, our production team makes sure that your business benefits from this type of content. We show your product to your audience in a straightforward way and make viewers feel that the product can solve their problems or enrich their lives.

Videos Produced For Major Brands

A Few Benefits of Product Demo Videos

Your business doesn’t have to hire additional sales reps to demonstrate your product to your audience. Simply create product demo videos and share them with viewers interested in your product. This enables them to learn about the product at their convenience. On top of that, potential customers who are always on the go can understand what you’re offering easily and quickly. They won’t have to read through lengthy product descriptions. The information they need is in one concise video.

Mercedes Benz (Artarmon)

60 Second Highlight

Showcasing your company’s day to day proceedings and/or customer service in a succinct manner, this video can be used to give audiences a brief overview of what your company is about. Alternatively you can focus on advertising a particular product or service.

15 Second Portrait Hype Reel

Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Taking advantage of their ‘Stories’ feature by posting on it right after uploading content to your feed, can help lead customers to your main video.

Play Video
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Ray White (Hornsby)

2 Minute Company Profile

These 2 minute profile videos are intended to give you more @me to talk about your business, products and services.

If you’re planning on talking to camera or using a voice over to talk about your company, shorter length videos can sometimes feel rushed if you’re trying to cram too much information in.

30 Second Highlight Video

Similar to the style of the 60 second highlight, this is a more condensed version of the 2 minute company profile. While you might normally place your company profile on the website’s home page, this 30 second highlight can be used for marketing material or uploaded to social platforms.

Exploring ToBeMe

2-4 Minute Company Profile

For those with a lot to say, a 2-4 minute company profile gives you the time needed to talk in depth about who you are as a business and what you do.

Your script will be reviewed prior to commencing to see if there’s anything that can be tweaked to help better deliver your message. It’ll also be used as a guide to help brainstorm ideas for potential overlay to capture.

Within this package, there’s an additional licensed song included. This can be used in multiple ways. For a longer length video, including a music change throughout can help lead into a new section or topic matter of the video, as well as keeping it fresh by not having the same song playing for too long.

Alternatively it can be used across multiple videos so that your 2-4 minute, 60 second and 15 second videos don’t all share the same music.

The additional shooting hours allow for more time to be spent capturing a wider range of overlay, and these hours can be split up over multiple days if need be.

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Check Out Our Social Media Videos

Instead of simply telling you how awesome our videos are, we let our work speak for itself. Watch the short videos we’ve made for our clients. These videos are ideal for posting on Instagram and other social media websites.

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Completed Videos Posted on YouTube

Apart from social media, we produce short product demo videos that go on YouTube. They communicate the message of your brand effectively and contribute to the search rankings of your website.

Lighthouse Law Group

We’ve produced a short, informative video for this Sydney-based law firm. Our team highlighted how the firm’s lawyers help with divorce-related issues.

Balbi Golf

We promoted a state-of-the-art golf instruction facility in this video. Our production team highlighted how players can achieve a golf swing that looks and feels good with Balbi Golf.

Your Next Video Here

We want to feature your business in this space. Regardless of your industry or product, you can count on us to highlight your product or service effectively with a short but informative and persuasive video.

We Look Forward to Producing High-Quality Videos for Your Business

You can rely on our talented and creative video production staff to make a product demo for you that wows viewers and encourages them to learn more about (or buy) your product or service. Fill out our contact form or email to get a free quote or find out more about our video marketing services.

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