Keep Your Image Positive with Online Reputation Management

Businesses in Sydney may protect their reputation from damaging negative publicity with Client Connections. Our team implements strategies to highlight the great qualities of your company and suppress or play down complaints and other types of negative feedback.

Reputation Management as a Necessity

Before potential customers purchase a product or service, they look at the feedback left by other people. A survey published in Small Business Trends revealed that almost all customers (97 per cent) read online reviews.

A bad review can be incredibly damaging to a company’s profits. A study posted on LSA Insider showed that star ratings of 1 and 1.5 on Google generated 33 per cent less revenue than the average business.

Managing the reputation of your business, therefore, is vital to prevent any reduction in revenue caused by harmful negative reviews.


Making You Look Good in Front of Your Customers

We believe that prevention is better than cure — and we apply that adage to maintaining your reputation. Our team of digital specialists constantly search for opportunities to make you look good online.

Highlighting your accomplishments on a press release, rewriting your website to make it more approachable and emphasising the positive feedback you’ve earned on review websites are a few things we do for you.


Monitor the Search Results of Your Business

Our specialists check how your company appears on search results pages generated by major search engines, such as Google and Bing. If a website mentions something positive about your brand, product or service, we utilise marketing strategies to make that feedback or review more visible for your prospective customers.

Check for False Information and Take Steps to Remove It

Fake news can hurt your reputation. A consumer’s attitude toward a brand may negatively change when they read a realistic looking but intentionally false information about your company. Our team tracks and inspects content from websites that contain information that is incorrect, misleading or outdated. If we come across any problematic content, we’ll work to have that information removed as soon as possible.

Keep Negative Press under Control

Our digital marketing specialists create social media accounts, as well as professional profiles that produce a positive online presence for your company. We optimise these profiles and accounts, so that they show up on the search results of Google and other major search engines. The overall goal is to suppress the negative publicity hurting your business.

Respond Appropriately to Online Reviews

The feedback left on Yelp and other popular review sites can make or break a business. We seek out comments that talk negatively about your company, product or service. Then, we tactfully respond to these comments in a way that represents your brand. By handling critical feedback professionally, you’ll have the opportunity to bolster your credibility to your loyal followers, as well as get the chance to restore disgruntled customer’s trust.

Keep Your Brand Reputation Positive for Years to Come

Businesses spend years building a good image. A scandal or a few negative reviews, however, can undo all the hard work you’ve done in establishing a positive reputation.

Don’t let negative feedback ruin your brand. Let Client Connections take care of building and maintaining the good image you have with your customers. Email for more information about our services.

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